Board of Directors

The NMABL is made up of volunteers who are passionate in expanding the New Mexico adult baseball community.  If you are interested in being a part of the team please reach out to Bryan Deshayes at


President - bryan Deshayes

Current President of NMABL and Manager of the Duke City Angels.  Bryan has been a part of the baseball community for over 15 years.

BOD Matt

Vice President - Matt Reeder

Current Vice President of NMABL and Manager of the Colt 45s.  Though this is Matt's first year on the Board of Directors, he brings great baseball knowledge, experience, and dedicaton to his new role as VP.


Secretary - Chris Maxwell

Past President of the NMABL for over a decade, Chris was a key contributor to building the necessary relationships in Albuquerque to provide various field and playing opportunities to thousands of players.